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Monday, September 11, 2006

If for example hypothetically speaking I was to commit an act of grave sinister significance would I or would I not be able to plea temporary insanity. Based on the fact that I, let say did not dispose the body and yet I claim to have lost the ‘plot’ at that particular moment in time by lashing out at the victim.

So imagine this scenario, someone invites me to their home and as the evening progresses words are exchanged I draw the knife and start to pull out my hair as a ‘mad man’. Threatening behaviour pursues, with a struggle being the result of it. The victim runs towards me in an attempt to disarm me what the victim thought was a ‘window of opportunity’, the struggle heightens with both of us falling to the ground and only one getting up.

The victim starts to loose tremendous amount of blood, pint after pint the blood flows out of the left lower body of the victim. As I stand up I see the blood overflowing the carpet, turning everything in its path red. I drop the knife and run out of the front door with blood stains all over my hands and clothes.

So the question is; would I or would I not get away with temporary insanity in the courts?

Encyclopaedia of a idealist.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Somali Blogs

Dudes i feel good, life is good, my clothes are fresh and i just took a shower (although i don't think that's something to brag about). Anyhow it's September and the English weather is treating us great over here. Well it is official now I am a numbero uno money waster. The lady of the house herself (moms) warned me that i will fall into the pit of mismanaging my money, and it became clear that i am totally unkewl when it comes to managing money.

I spend £100+ a month of petrol(gas) alone on the car, that equates to me having done 8000 miles in 6 months time and that is seriously messed up. I used to be so well organised when it came to money, but now it seems that the more i swipe the more difficult it becomes to manage my bank account. I came off the phone to my bank a few minutes ago, looks like they have charged me £60 for being overdrawn by 2 days. Perhaps i should switch my bank account to HSBC islamic account or switch it to the Islamic Bank of Britain. Either way Lloyds TSB is kind of making me regret opting for the Gold account. I am quite fed up with this nonsense of the banks charging us ridiculous amounts of fee.

Either way i'm almost broke for this month, and i'm running down the days till the 15th of this month. As soon as the 15th comes i will be a happier man(pay day), and i will manage my money more carefully after the 15th of October. Oh yeah Ramadhan is coming soon, alhamdulilah for that. It's a time for reflection and soul-searching, we are all sinners but the best sinner of us all is the one who repents constantly.

Uni is starting on 1st of 2nd week of October, and i've got nothing to do till then, well apart from starting gym and boxing again and doing some extra shifts. Coming back from a holiday is always a bummer for two reasons:
  1. The fact that your still in holiday mood and you don't want to return to work or Uni.
  2. I call this syndrome, Post holiday brokeness or PHB. This basically means being broke after coming back from a holiday.
All in all life is good, but me and my bank need to be having some serious words. And what is up in God's green earth with the Phone operators always trying to sell you the BS that a credit card will help your situation out....ermmmh hell no dipsh!t, credit card is the devil lol (well in some ways) and in other ways credit card is a wonderful thing. For example when your car is clamped you can swipe it using your credit card otherwise they will impound your car and you will have to go the impound yard and pay extra amount of money. So in that sense a credit card is good. But the cons outweigh the pros.

Encyclopaedia of a idealist.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Recently I’ve been caught on camera speeding. Now anyone will say it is my own stupidity that got me caught whilst speeding, however I will have you known that I am completely innocent. What was I do to do, it is the government’s fault for putting up a ridiculous speed on the M1 even though there were road works going on I still think that 50mph was a ridiculous speed on that particular section of the M1. I mean can you blame a guy doing 58mph at 1am……..and then I saw a FLASH I slowed down to no avail, thinking that I can stop the Police sending me a letter home by slamming on the brakes. That night was a messed up night too, I mean what was I thinking driving to Sheffield at that time (at that given moment in time lets just say certain parts of the body had full control).

So a week passed then two, I prayed that they didn’t see my licence plate clearly, but I knew that it was wishful thinking. Sooner or later the letter will come. Filled the letter in with the correct information and send it on time in the hope that they will let me go off with a fine of £60, but as I spoke to South Yorkshire Police they told me that 3 points and a £60 fine was the minimum. So my next strategy is to blame it on the GPS which in all honesty was the problem to start off with. I kept 50 throughout the whole 50 zone but as the GPS started disconnecting and acting funny, I had to diagnose it only to find myself doing 58mph and FLASH! I got caught on camera.

Encyclopaedia of a idealist.